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8 Track Journal
Monday, 28 September 2015

Where the hell have I been? Once I leased the junkstore for a pot shop it’s like I fell into a coma, sure there have been 8 track tapes out there but I really don’t think anyone wants to hear about the cool Conway Twitty tapes I’ve found at sales or the JC Penny all in one players out there.

I guess the big 8 track news last month is how Capital phased out their “buy 13 CDs for a penny” mail order service. Soon we’ll (and by we’ll I mean me and 3 other people on the planet) won’t have a reference to the obscure 80s carts that are so much fun to find. On the plus side they might go down in value and The Culture Club may join the ranks of bands like Toto for $2.99 plus shipping, it’s like the late 90s all over again.

Last week I found a blank cart 

 with Cat Stevens on it, but what I really like about it is it is a clear tape and you can see it in all if its 3 and 3/4 inches per second goodness. I use to like this fad and yard sales have taught me that this is part of a bigger family, including V8 engines 

Human Anatomy 

 I’ve had several of these  and have gotten unintently high on the airplane glue they use  to use as a kid before it got odorless and less adhesive.

Even 8 track players 

 I’ve coveted the clear Pump players for years and am pretty sure I won’t find one at a good price but one day hope to unit this tape in one and see the ground split in half leading to an underground 8 lair once the music starts.

Posted by gregg-n at 7:22 AM PDT
Updated: Monday, 28 September 2015 7:25 AM PDT
Friday, 10 July 2015

8 Track sighting- Hawaii 5-0 season 11 episode 12 the old one, not Hawaii 5-0 SUV. Rival discos and organized crime get together, with lots of club music, polyester (even MacGarrett is spotted in a light blue suit) and bad dancing, but what makes it fun is early in the first part they off one of the club owners by rigging a bomb to be detonated when the 8 track goes in the player. It looks like an RCA Victor yellow cart (Did any disco music make it to this cart it seems like this went out by then).

Posted by gregg-n at 8:01 PM PDT
Sunday, 14 June 2015

Went to the annual fairgrounds sale this weekend and it surprisingly had several vendor selling 8 track tapes ranging from $5.00 to the bargain basement price of $.50, guess which booth I spend my money at.  When I spread out the tapes on the floor to roll around in them I noticed a few of them had the name Dave Burke written on the back in thick black felt-tip marker. I had a déjà vu moment and realized I have a small Dave Burke tape collection I got over 13 years ago from a antique deal store that was once a Kmart and today has since been retro fitted as a Wal-Mart. It’s humbling to know that will all this so called progress these tapes from the mid 1970’s are still here making the rounds and being enjoyed.


Posted by gregg-n at 12:52 PM PDT
Friday, 29 May 2015


 The 8 Track Museum in Texas will be closing in July after 5 years, I'm sorry to see it go I hope Big Bucks makes it virutual before it becomes dismantled, also I see he's looking to sell the inventory, anyone for a road trip?

Posted by gregg-n at 4:49 PM PDT
Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Found one of those desperate sales that happen in the middle of the week where everything that doesn’t get sold today gets tossed. After still being sore and bruised after last week’s move I could completely relate I was told by the lady running it the realtor came by in the morning yelling at her for still being here. I still find it hard to turn off my hoarder brain and hope soon to be able to flip the switch, last week I bought the usual amount of yard sale crap and ended up tossing most of it, I don’t think that’s very health, stay tuned.


Now for the obligatory 8 track find, one of the boxes had tapes and not just the standard Streisand tapes but a few from the RCA  record club series, when someone says record club it usually conjures up late releases from in demand bands like U-2, Quiet Riot or The Talking Heads, this lot had a few interchangeable Elvis tapes a 2 tape compilation of 60s soft rock titled Sealed With A Kiss, Chicago 17 and The Beach Boys Rarities which is a keeper for the German version of In My Room

Posted by gregg-n at 2:40 PM PDT
Tuesday, 5 May 2015

Last week someone came to the junk store and offered to buy it and I told him to make me an offer I couldn’t refuse and he didn’t and I left it at that, then he was back 2 days later and wanted to rent the place and we got to play the game again. This time his offer was about $500 more than I make on a good month, how could I say no. It’s amazing how much you can improve a place with a cheap paint job.

Now I’m going to have to find another excuse to justify my pack rat lifestyle but welcome the change. What was kind of funny was the last customer was a strange woman who has a tweaker vibe to her and I gave her cheap liquidated merchandise right and after I loaded up her car she said she had to get her wallet in the back seat and drove away in a flash, a nice ending to a career, maybe I made the right choice but right now I feel like the end of a long running sitcom that ends with a closed sign turning off just before the credits roll.

I’m going to miss going to yard sales for a living and not sure if I’m qualified to do anything else so it should be interesting. In a month this place will be recreational marijuana store, so I’m changing from slum lord to drug lord overnight.

The 8 tracks use to be on the left mini shelf in the 3rd photo. 






Posted by gregg-n at 5:30 PM PDT
Updated: Tuesday, 5 May 2015 5:34 PM PDT
Friday, 10 April 2015

After being burned at Estate sales that are estate sales in name only I’ve decided that my new favorite sub category of sales are now “moving sales”.  They rarely disappoint, don’t hire outside people to run them who want a cut of the profits and if you get there late enough you can get deals.  I found one this Thursday which in itself is rare to find and weeded out the weekend shoppers who work. This sale had 4 vinyl tape cases full of 8 tracks with the majority on the disappointing Readers Digest label but the last one has lots of 70s cheese in the form of K-tel’s Disco Nights Vols 1 and 2 and an artsy Lennon /Ono unfinished music tape, that’s almost as unlistenable as Metal Machine Music. It’s nice that Yoko is still carrying on the tradition of warbling incoherently into a microphone the only reason I ask is why?

My favorite of the bunch is the double tape titled the Rollerboogie soundtrack that is more of a period piece that combines the fad of disco and the roller skating craze of the mid 70’s.  For every Saturday Night Fever and Thank God It’s Friday soundtrack we have a gem like this and that horrible Can’t Stop The Music tape.  I’m now looking for Skatetown USA to complete the holy trinity.

Posted by gregg-n at 4:05 PM PDT
Wednesday, 8 April 2015

Could this be the first 8 track player ?


Posted by gregg-n at 7:47 AM PDT
Updated: Wednesday, 8 April 2015 7:55 AM PDT
Sunday, 1 March 2015

""He's really not long as we remember him."

Posted by gregg-n at 11:41 AM PST
Friday, 2 January 2015

Found a few Beach Boy tapes last week to add to the collection and counteract the winter funk, I have Pet Sounds someplace but not in this photo.


Hopefully this New Year will be more 8 track friendly, it’s been a while since I’ve found any kind of player that makes me happy that I have a ton of spares that do the job.  New Years Eve is such a bring down after all the fun of Christmas and I think it would be better if they added more props. X-mas is so full of imagery, colors and excesses you just can’t get bored, but New Year’s isn’t much more than champagne and a pair of novelty glasses with the year printed out on the frames. And don’t get me started on the music selection, I mean where are the New Year’s carols? All I could find on 8 track was ABBA’s Happy New Year on the Super Trooper tape. So the issue isn’t the holiday, it just has a PR problem.

Posted by gregg-n at 4:35 PM PST

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