I like this picture best since we get a whole tiki and a better look at the bungalow. This tiki is signed by the artist (Adair) and the styling of the door and walls is unique to tiki architecture with the tropical colors and technique. Those orange (shoji) shutters are semi transparent and in them are these tiki shaped cutouts  At night when a light is turned on in the room they shine through the court yard for a simple yet pleasant effect. I was able to walk away with a few examples of these for practically nothing and still have them, one day I hope to restore them to their past glory in my windows.


Tiki Cutouts

I never had the privilege of staying in one of these “huts” but I was able to get a good look at the inside of a few by sweet talking a maid one day. The inside is a simple studio with a thatched basket on a few of the walls. They also had end tables at the foot of the bed with personal tiki lamp that were in three styles. The repeating Ku, A full head Rapa Nui (Easter Island head) type and a concrete Rapa Nui on a pedestal variety.

The lamp on the left also made it to the Kona Inn on The Big Island around the same time in bone white

Waikikian End Table Lamps


Here we have a photograph  inside a bungalow from a 1965 brochure. Back then this would have run about $20 a night, on the desk we can see one of the lamps and the background displays two tiki cutouts facing the gardens. Below is one located upstairs.

You'd probably find this glass in the bathroom



Up ahead is another lurking in the bushes beneath a patio lamp that at the time had these bug lights in them that cast a warm yellow glow.

This porch light was saved from the wrecking ball and lights up my patio today.