The flyer for the Auction


Now we head up to the Tahitian Lanai to conclude the tour. Here are a few examples of the menu, the yellow one shows a stylized interpretation of the bar that had scattered thatched huts surrounding a pool. For another menu and a sample of the cuisine click here

Remember the cool neon sign on the Ilikai fence?

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From the Gecko Collection, this bathing beauty use to adorn the bar's interior. 

A few of the ceiling lights from the bar I grabbed as the only bidder at the auction and a few examples of the ever changing mug. I know other mug types exist . On a sad note you can see the last mugs at this place were nothing but coffee mugs with the logo on them. Call me pathetic but on the last night there I ordered a Mai Tai served in this cup. I can pretend, canít I?



Goblet picture courtesy of Mimi Payne

The Devolution Of The Mug

A Few Vintage Postcards


These 2 cards brought to you from the Mimi Payne archive

This Illustration is from The Excellent Pacifica House Hawaii Cookbook, The Lagoon in much healthier times, compare it to the one at the bottom of the page.

Twilight of the Tiki Gods

Finally, the joint was fenced off and in time was bulldozed, I use to make regular pilgrimages to this site hopping for an 11th hour before it was leveled . Iíve since moved off the island but am pleased that I was able to enjoy the last days of Waikikiís tiki culture in its splendor.

 Mahalo to Gecko for the destruction photos 

by Paul Page © 1973

Across the alley from the Ilikai
There's a tavern
And I can't deny
It's like home away from home to me

There beside a blue lagoon we knew
Be it morning, noon, or nitetime too
You will find me
Underneath a coconut tree

Follow the sound of a happy song
Follow the pathway
You can't go wrong
'Round the piano bar, how time goes by

Ia o ra na my friend
And aloha 'til we meet again
'Til we meet again
At the Tahitian Lanai



In the June 16 business section, "Hilton launches time-share project," Joseph Toy, president of hotel consultancy Hospitality Advisors LLC, is quoted as saying, "If you look at what was there before ó the Tahitian Lanai and the Waikikian ó this really rejuvenates the area ... "

Well, Mr. Toy, with all due respect, a lot of us would rather have the Tahitian Lanai than your 38-story tower. Many of us would prefer to wander through the lobby of the Waikikian, pass by the thatched-hut open-air dining, sit by the lovely pool with the map of Hawai'i painted at the bottom, and enjoy another Tahitian Lanai breakfast with those incredible home-made popovers.

But instead, we'll have overcrowding and insufficient parking.

No, Mr. Toy, I believe a number of us don't appreciate your kind of "rejuvenation."

Martha Jane Urann

Honolulu Advertiser June 22, 2006

The "New" Waikikian, target date late 2008


To view stills of The Tahitian Lanai and The Waikikian  from the TV Movie  And The Sea Will Tell Click Here


Anyone miss the night time hapa haole songs of yesterday at the Tahitian Lanai? Pine no further and click here for a short video circa 1994.